The control has been improved!

I have improved the control of the game.

1. You now can click on the card directly, and it will jump to one of the empty slots automatically. And by clicking the one of the inserted cards, the card will jump back to where it was in the inventory.

2. If there is a card already inserted in the slot and you want to drag another card to insert it, you can now drag the card to the slot directly and the old card will jump back the inventory automatically, and the new will be inserted.

3. New lines have been added, if you obtain the card, you won't see "obtain something something" again, a new line will be displayed instead.

4. If you happen to insert the same set of cards again, you won't see the text animation running again.

5. The volume of the sound effects now can be adjusted in the game.

Get Prison of Word《文字獄》

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