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This game is called "Prison of  Word" or 《文字獄》 in Chinese.

"文字" means "word" in Chinese, and the letter "獄" means prison.

This is a puzzle game where you have to solve puzzles by making sentences. Player makes the sentences by combining the "word cards", and will obtain new word card when the right combination is made. The game now only supports Traditional Chinese since the game is largely based on the unique characteristics of Chinese words. Currently, there are five levels available in the game. 

If you like the game, please comment below, I will consider to make the game longer and better.

I am currently working on a commercial version of this concept, I will continue to develop this game after finishing my first ever commercial project. Please stay tuned!

Install instructions

Download the file, it is a zip file, you have to extract the files. After that, inside the folder, you will see an exe file, click that and the game will start!


文字獄(win)_5_2_1.zip 29 MB
文字獄(mac)_5_2_1.zip 34 MB
文字獄(linux)_5_2_1.zip 32 MB
文字獄(android)_6_0_5.apk 76 MB

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